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Teaching myself how to knit

Ok so I know…I know…I know that knitting is for old people…right?  Wrong!  I learned how to crochet a couple of years ago and have done various projects.  No I have not attempted any elaborate patterns or made any clothing.  Mostly scarves and a few hats.  I have also completed 2 blankets and started three more.  I started learning to knit tonight and can I just say….it is SOOOO much easier.  It does seem a bit slower going though.  Of course I AM just learning.  Well off to my yarn for the evening.  Lots of love and happiness to you all.  I think I will make a scarf tonight…that seems easy enough….


It really should not bother me….

It should not bother me that my husband said something on his blog for a laugh.  It should not bother me that it had quotation marks AND that he told everyone who reads him that I had said it.  It should not bother me because it is anonymous.  He does not have anything on the blog tying him to me or tying us in real life to his blog…but it bothers me IMMENSELY!  I can’t help it.  I want him to stop doing that.  Stop making me the butt of a joke and stop lying about something that he says I said when I did not.  Maybe this is part of the OCD or maybe it is part of the possibility that I may have aspergers.  It could just be an overgrown sense of justice and truth that does not find it funny that he is making fun of me.  Maybe I am just too sensitive.  I dunno.  I am just aggravated beyond reason.

Ok so I did it

I started up a new blog which has quickly gotten about half as many hits in less than 24 as this blog has gotten in about a week.  I think that I did the right thing.  I really hope that I did.  Can’t help but worry though.  I know that there is potential for bad comments and bad people to get onto that blog and say bad things.  I really hope that it doesn’t happen but I know that is a risk that I am taking.  I would be foolish not to acknowledge that.  I just hope that some good people also get to it and comment on it.  I think that it has a lot of potential for good.  At least I think so. is the blog.  If you or someone you love has ever been sexually assaulted, please read my blog, comment, take advantage of the resource info I provide.  And most importantly, admit you need help and get that help.



I did it.  I moved my store from the confines of a safe and secret site into the world.  I hope that I did the right thing.  I hope that I do not regret sharing my story so that others may know that they are not alone.  Please be kind.

Cat Sitting Nightmare

Let me preface this by saying that my husband and I are BOTH allergic to cats.  My mother took my son and a friend to Florida for his birthday.  He recently turned 13 and they went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to celebrate.  I, being the wonderful mother and loving daughter that I am, was talked into a week of hell.  My husband and I agreed to keep her two Himalayan cats.  This was a BIG mistake. Details to follow….

Ponderings and musings on my lunch hour

Ok so my husband stayed home today because he is sick.  I have a few theories as to the reason behind his illness.  One could be that he insists on eating things that he knows are going to make him sick.  Unfortunately sometimes things that don’t normally make him sick, make him sick.  You would think with his limitations on what he can eat that he would be a rail.  He, like myself, struggles with weight problems.  Cruel to not be able to eat and also to have weight problems.  It just doesn’t seem right.

I am pondering putting some VERY personal stuff out here on the blog from my posts that I had put on Pandy’s which is a site, for those of you who do not know, for survivors of sexual assault.  I think that I am going to do this.  The posts will ONLY EVER be things that I personally have written about my own experiences.  I will never put anyone else’s comments or experiences on here.  I will be putting it under a new heading I believe.  I am still unsure about it even as I begin putting the posts into order to do so.  Please be gentle with me.  This is very personal and very emotionally damaging.  But if I can help even one person by doing this…then it will be worth it.

A legendary songstress in the making dies…

It is an all too frequent tale.  Young person makes it big.  Young person falls into the glitz and glamour.  Young person falls into the feel good and the partying of it all.  Young person takes too many drugs, smokes too many cigarettes, drinks too much.  Young person destroys their body, their career and finally loses their life.  A surprising number of them at the age of 27.  It is a tragic fairy tale.  The tragedy of Hollywood and the music business

Today mourners are gathered outside the London home of one Amy Winehouse,  where the 27 year old singer was found dead on Saturday to pay their final respects to the would have been legendary, Ms. Amy Winehouse.  Now granted, Amy was tabloid fodder for years with her drug and alcohol addictions and her wild unpredictable behavior. But what people tend to forget is that she was a tremendously talented woman.  Despite her personal suffering and pain Amy sang out beautifully.  Her voice was reminiscent of the singers from the big band era.  Such a beautiful and clear voice with such heart and soulfulness.  Had she found a way out of the pit of her addictions she could very well have been the next lifetime achievement winning Diva.

It is a shame the way that the business destroys lives.  It has the potential to make someone very happy.  To give them fame and fortune but alas that fame and fortune more often than not turns to addictions, erratic behavior and crime.  Hell, even our beloved Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting.

So why do we want it so bad?  What is it in us that makes us long for the attention and approval of the entire world when really all we need is a few good friends and the approval of ourselves?  What indeed….

Fair thee well, Amy Winehouse.  May you rest in peace and may you find that love and acceptance you so longed for in your next life.  You were an incredible talent and we will miss you.

Netflix Vs. Hulu

Now there is something to be said about both.  I have been a good and loyal Netflix user for years now.  With all the game systems we end up with “Watch It Now” in every room of the house.  We recently stopped getting the videos sent to us because we never really take the time to watch them.  We are usually too busy watching things on the streaming service to be bothered.  We recently joined Hulu Plus. Now, I will say that I was highly disappointed when Hulu removed their service from PS3 a few years ago.  This is because I did not have a computer at the time and my son had become accustomed to watching his Naruto episodes via the PS3.  I still don’t like that you have to pay to use it on the PS3 and the XBox 360, but at least it is a great alternative to waiting for the episodes to become available on Netflix.

I have recently noticed that there is some overlap of content between the two services.  Overall for episodes of TV shows I would have to say that I much prefer Hulu when the show is available.  For movies I prefer Netflix.  The jury is still out as to which one will win the overall top spot on my favorite’s list.  For now, they both rank right up there.  Having both services and paying for both still beats the hell out of paying for cable or satellite.

Is it stealing?

When you go to a 3D movie and they give you the glasses sealed in plastic, is it stealing to keep them?  I figure, they give each person their own pair sealed in plastic.  We paid an additional $3 for this feature.  They are ours to keep…Am I right?  I kept mine.  My husband recycled his and told me that it was stealing but seriously.  I paid an additional $6 for us to go see that movie in 3D.  I think we should get to keep the glasses.  What do you think?

When love finds you….

You know it is a proven fact that we meet more people who are like-minded when we are doing things we love and are passionate about.  And the happier you are and more passionate you are about your interests, the more attractive you are to those other like-minded people.  Not that it really matters at that point.  When you find the way to be truly happy with yourself and your life, you find that you don’t need to have someone else there.  When you don’t need someone else there to share your life, but rather decide you want to have someone else there, it will be much easier to find the right one.  And don’t dismiss something just because it is not traditional or conventional.

I met my husband through an online role play gaming group on Yahoo of all things.  He was 17 and I was 24 and I wanted nothing to do with anything romantic.  We were friends for a very long time.  I was 30 and he was 23 when we started dating.  Now I am 33 and he is 26 and we are happily married.  We met doing something that we were both passionate about (as geeky as it was) and we became friends..  After that it just evolved.

When he called me that day in December 3 years ago, I never dreamed that he would say what he said.  He asked me to do him a favor.  Then he asked me to take a chance on him.  He told me that he had been in love with me since he was 17 and that I was his dream girl.  Now I do not know a single woman alive who would not be flattered by that but I was still NOT going to date a man 7 years younger than me.  Well…I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  Then one day I told him that and we decided to give it a shot.  3 years later we are happily married and have a pretty damn good life.

The point is.  Everyone wants love.  Hell…everyone NEEDS love.  Love is so much easier to find when it comes to you.  Love will come to you when you are ready.  Sometimes we think we are ready but are not really.  I think sometimes we confuse being ready for love with being lonely.  Loneliness is a bitch.  When you learn not to be dependant on another person for your validation and you learn to be happy with your own company and your own life alone, the perfect person to share it with comes along.  I know it did for me.