Ever wonder why?

When I was a child my parents read to me story books.  There were fairy princesses and there were mermaids and there were handsome princes and there were castles and well you get the picture.  Why is that what we put into our little girls’ heads?  We teach them about romance and princesses and show them a world that for the most part will never be theirs.  It seems cruel.

I think that the fairy tales should be remade.  The princess should be a smart and successful business woman.  The mermaids possibly marine biologists.  Give little girls realistic goals to aim for.  Give them something to wish for that they can actually do.  I  know that this sounds very jaded but come on now.  We don’t feed this crap to little boys.  Little boys are taught about practical things.  They learn about cars and firemen and police officers and such.

And people wonder why women have such a hard time getting thought of as equals in most professions.  We are taught from a very early age to wait for the handsome prince to come rescue us and take care of us.  In a world where most families are two if not three income families, this just is not relevant any longer.


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