Music of my youth

Right now I am sitting in the living room as a grown woman.  A wife, a mother, a homeowner, a pet owner, a fulltime employee working towards making the world a safer place for children.  As grown up and responsible as I am I can’t help but long for the reckless abandon of my youth.  My husband put on the CD No Code by Pearl Jam.  Then he proceeded to ask me to go to the store (in the middle of our Naked Sunday) while he stays home (after I have taken a muscle relaxer for chronic pain)…..I want to go back!

I want to go back to the days when this CD was new.  Back when I was young and restless and never satisfied with anything. When I was hungry for life.  When I wanted love and adventure and my whole life was ahead of me.  Has it really been 15 years since I graduated high school?  Do I really have a 13-year-old child?  When did I become this responsible adult?

I want to speed down the back roads blaring Pearl Jam and Better Than Ezra and Soundgarden and The Toadies and scream at the stars.  I want to feel the wind in my hair and KNOW that the world is a great place and that there was nothing that I could not do.

I miss that girl.

If you see her, will you tell her to put on a jacket, wear a longer skirt and not to stay out too late?


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2 responses to “Music of my youth

  • Storm Rider

    Hey there..
    I like the way you write. : )

    The last line was just killer!! 🙂 damn funny! hehe 🙂

    haha and life does move on pretty fast.. seriously!

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      Thanks Storm Rider! I will try to keep this blog rolling 🙂 So far so good. I am not great at remembering to do things in the virtual world but the more people I have counting on receiving my posts the more likely I am to remember. Link me to your blog if you would like. I can’t seem to find you and I would love to read your stuff too!

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