A legendary songstress in the making dies…

It is an all too frequent tale.  Young person makes it big.  Young person falls into the glitz and glamour.  Young person falls into the feel good and the partying of it all.  Young person takes too many drugs, smokes too many cigarettes, drinks too much.  Young person destroys their body, their career and finally loses their life.  A surprising number of them at the age of 27.  It is a tragic fairy tale.  The tragedy of Hollywood and the music business

Today mourners are gathered outside the London home of one Amy Winehouse,  where the 27 year old singer was found dead on Saturday to pay their final respects to the would have been legendary, Ms. Amy Winehouse.  Now granted, Amy was tabloid fodder for years with her drug and alcohol addictions and her wild unpredictable behavior. But what people tend to forget is that she was a tremendously talented woman.  Despite her personal suffering and pain Amy sang out beautifully.  Her voice was reminiscent of the singers from the big band era.  Such a beautiful and clear voice with such heart and soulfulness.  Had she found a way out of the pit of her addictions she could very well have been the next lifetime achievement winning Diva.

It is a shame the way that the business destroys lives.  It has the potential to make someone very happy.  To give them fame and fortune but alas that fame and fortune more often than not turns to addictions, erratic behavior and crime.  Hell, even our beloved Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting.

So why do we want it so bad?  What is it in us that makes us long for the attention and approval of the entire world when really all we need is a few good friends and the approval of ourselves?  What indeed….

Fair thee well, Amy Winehouse.  May you rest in peace and may you find that love and acceptance you so longed for in your next life.  You were an incredible talent and we will miss you.


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