It really should not bother me….

It should not bother me that my husband said something on his blog for a laugh.  It should not bother me that it had quotation marks AND that he told everyone who reads him that I had said it.  It should not bother me because it is anonymous.  He does not have anything on the blog tying him to me or tying us in real life to his blog…but it bothers me IMMENSELY!  I can’t help it.  I want him to stop doing that.  Stop making me the butt of a joke and stop lying about something that he says I said when I did not.  Maybe this is part of the OCD or maybe it is part of the possibility that I may have aspergers.  It could just be an overgrown sense of justice and truth that does not find it funny that he is making fun of me.  Maybe I am just too sensitive.  I dunno.  I am just aggravated beyond reason.


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One response to “It really should not bother me….

  • Random Ntrygg

    you are entitled to whatever feelings you have, and it comes down to an issue of of what you did and had an expectation of privacy

    which your hubby didn’t share

    and that’s the conflict, what’s open for public consumption vs what’s between just the two of you?

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