MasterChef Season 2

Ok so we missed the first season.  We have been watching this second season and I have to say….I HATE Christian.  He is an arrogant asshole and he can never give praise to anyone else, or even acknowledge that there may be a better way to do things than what he is doing.  He can’t even take constructive criticism, which Gordon Ramsay has been trying to be very good at giving.  I want to see him GONE.  Now that Jennifer, Ben, Suzy, Adrien, Tracy and Christian are the only ones left, I have to say that I am hoping either Tracy, Ben, Adrien or Jennifer wins.  I think that, although she has learned some humility, Suzy just doesn’t get it.  I think that Ben is panicking too much but I really think that he can pull it out in the end.  I think that Christian is a first class asshole who cooks angry and doesn’t let his passion come through in a positive way.  We will see in a few weeks if I am right. 🙂


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2 responses to “MasterChef Season 2

  • Storm Rider

    Hey isn’t it season 3 of Masterchef going on now… I am not very sure …. I watch it occassionaly with my mom coz’ we have no other common programs!… but as I recall it’s s3.

    You know I like “Top Chef: just deserts” better… it’s more exciting.. There’s this guy we watched today, I can’t get his name…he freaks out all the time and he freaks others out too in the process! damn funny to watch! And the desserts they make .. oh!

    Masterchef’s good too.. I’ve watched quite a bit of it. I think i’m saturated with it. Giving it a break for a while! 🙂

  • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

    No it is still season 2. I love that show though.

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