“Breast Ironing” in Cameroon

“Breast Ironing” in Cameroon.


Please read this.  Sign the petition.  Together we can all stand united to bring an end to the suffering of these poor girls.  One voice united with others can become a deafening roar for justice.


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2 responses to ““Breast Ironing” in Cameroon

  • sreznor

    where did you go? are you still posting?

  • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

    I am. I was very sick this week. I am finally starting to feel better. Did you get my email? I am hoping to get back to posting here in the next few days. While I have been sick I have been working on a blanket for my son and I am almost finished with it. It is black, white and xbox green striped. It should fit his twin bed soon!

    Hope all is well with you Seth. If you ever need to talk you can reach me by email.

    Love and light!


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