Shouldn’t you believe, just in case?

I am not going to make any friends with the Christian community with this post.  That is ok.

The title of this post is actually something that has been said to me, not only by my mother but also by my sister.  The problem that I have with this well meaning statement is this:  If you are only believing “just in case” are you truly believing?  If you are living your life as a good person, should it matter if you prescribe to this religion or that so long as you are living right and you believe what YOU truly believe?  Does it do anyone good to have “just in case” believers?  I think that this is where a lot of the hypocrisy I have seen from “Believers” comes in.  I think that these people that believe just in case work extra hard to look like they are believing and they become fanatical or they preach it and do not live it.  These are just my thoughts. 

I personally do not follow the Christian faith.  I follow the ancient Celtic path.  I believe freely in the Great Mother, the All Father and the Summerland.  This belief is not “just in case” but is a true faith and belief.  This seems to be more good to me than pretending to worship Yahweh “just in case”.



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27 responses to “Shouldn’t you believe, just in case?

  • jonolan

    Well, that’s the problem with Pascal’s Wager, especially any sectarian spin upon thereof. Faith is faith and is largely inborn. If one is incapable of it, one is incapable of it and going through the motions seems to me to be a waste of effort.

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      I agree wholeheartedly. I will also add that if you are capable of faith and you find that path that you are meant to be on, you will know it. Once you do know it and you are on the path that is right for you, faith is something that seems to come without thought or trying. Going through the motions is a major waste of effort and it does not do any good for anyone involved.

  • lunarmoth

    I have heard that before as well, and I’ve even thought it, to my great shame. As you said, how can believing “just in case” be real? A part of me does believe in Christianity, but not all of me. I tried in the past to force the rest of me to believe, so I could actually practice it, but it never worked for very long.

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      That is another reason that I knew that the Christian faith was not for me. Aside from all the bad things I saw in the bible, I just did not connect. I found my path and I am very thankful that I did. I am at peace with my path. I feel joy and well being on my path. I never felt that growing up as a Christian. I felt worry and panic almost that I would end up in hell. I worried almost constantly to the point where it was detrimental to my health as little as 7 years old. What 7 year old should be that worried about going to hell? It was one of those “believe exactly as I believe or burn for eternity” churches. The way I look at it now is this “It is your hell, you go burn in it”. I am comfortable and secure in the knowledge that when I die the Great Mother will take me into my summerland and I will stay there until my soul is ready to make its next journey into whichever realm it is meant to be sent to. This scares my son, the thought of reincarnation. He is scared to think of coming back and having to be with another family. What he doesn’t know is that he had gone and come back to me at least once. I have no doubt that he and I will be entertwined for a very long time in the next realm. He is my angel and my miracle.

  • Betty Hayes Albright

    No wonder I first liked your blog – we think alike! I’m with you on the Celtic path… the Mother/Father, the pantheistic love for the sacredness of life, of Gaia, of all living creatures… the inner knowing. That is true “Faith” – which is the presence of our own higher self uniting with this current earth manifestation. Thank you for sharing! (P.S. My son is also connected to me via a past life – he was my brother who passed away in 1952 of polio. At 2 yrs old he had memories….)

  • TescoJunkie

    I have studied philosophy and theology just lightly out of interest, and have had many discussions on religion having never really found one that fits me fully. One faithful man told me that heaven is a place where God is, and hell is a place without God, so surely if you don’t believe in God it wouldn’t matter if you go to hell anyway because it isn’t fire and brimstone, just a place without deity which most atheists don’t believe in anyway. I don’t think you can fake faith, you can’t fake emotion on the inside.
    Also I’m very interested in how you know you’re son and you were together in a past life is it a feeling you get?

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      I just want to clarify something that I am not sure about in your comment. Are you saying that I don’t believe in God and saying I am an atheist? If this is the case, that is not true. I do believe that the Christian God exists. I choose not to worship a deity that is so vengeful, jealous and cruel. I worship the All Father and The Great Mother. I am a follower of the ancient Celtic path and I have a vast amount of faith. If this is not what you meant, then I apologize for any assumptions on my part.

      As for Hell, I don’t believe in it, this is true. I am not worried NOW about it. I was when I was a little child. The comment about “It’s your hell, you go burn in it” is just a childish remark that I cannot help myself from making when people tell me I am going to hell because I am not a Christian. It just annoys me. It is a shock value statement and I really should stop using it but it bothers me that there are people who are so closed minded.

      As for my son, I just “know”. I have done some past life regressive work and confirmed it but I knew the moment that I was pregnant that my baby boy was coming back to me. Seriously…the moment I became pregnant. I woke up out of a dead sleep and said, “I am pregnant.” It was a few hours after the deed and it was the very first time that his father and I were ever together.

  • Roxie

    I just stumbled upon your blog, from struggling with bipolar – and I got to say, I don’t really know what I believe in anymore. But it’s certainly not the Christian faith.

    But in regard to the whole “just in case” believers, when I hear this – let’s just say I believed in God and all his holiness or whatever. Do they actually believe that they could believe “just in case” and fool the Almighty? I mean, hell – he’d know you were just pissin’ around trying to get your way into wherever dead people go these days besides six feet under.

    I think you believe but “just in case” is like telling yourself you’re not having an affair when you’re fucking the entire neighborhood.

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      Exactly! I agree with you completely! If that God is supposed to be so all knowing and infallible…then why bother with the “just in case” because he can see through it. He is a very jealous and vengeful God. Would you really want to be trying to get one over on such a cruel deity??

  • TescoJunkie

    No I wasn’t saying you were atheist at all and I’m sorry it came across that way, it was more of a general comment about not forcing faith.
    I personally don’t know if i believe in heaven or hell, I would say I’d lean more toward reincarnation as energy never dies it just turns into something else e.g light to heat energy, so surely this statement works for life and death as well.
    Although I’m uncertain of my religion I hate the idea of having a vengeful and evil God, what is the point of creating beings and giving them free will if you’re just going to punish them for exercising it? I like to think He is more logical and understanding then that even though the early scripture doesn’t quite paint him that way!

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      I can totally understand this. I have had too many God Fearing people in my life to try to reconcile Yahweh to being kind and gentle and loving. Thank you very much for commenting and contributing to what has turned into a very good and respectful conversational debate. And I was not offended when I thought you were saying I was an atheist. I just wanted to clarify.

      Love and light,

      Lucky Star

  • sreznor

    Welcome back! And yes, I have to agree. If you are one of the “just in case” you have little to no faith and are just lying to yourself. I have seen too many times the Bi-polar effect that religion has on people and disagree with it completely. I was often forced to go to “church” and see everyone there putting on a facade and then after they leave turn into the Mr. Hyde’s they truly are.

  • domtoral

    I believe we are all entitled with our personal opinions. When it comes to religion, everybody has unique differences. Actually, it’s influenced by our personal experiences. Some people tend to believe in the customs of the majority. Some tend to strengthen their faith because of “miracles” that happened to their lives. Some others tend to follow their family’s religious belief, and become imprisoned with that religion all their life. In fact, some Christians appear to be “great pretenders”. At the end of the day, faith and religion should not be enforced to an individual. Let the person realize the meaning of his existence and develop his own insights about God and faith.

  • opewalker

    Hi, just read your piece Ąπϑ I must say that its so sad to have all these “just in case” christians. I’m a christian Ąπϑ live according to God’s instruction.
    These people who pretend, are only deceiving themselves because God is all-knowing. He even said that ‘Not all who call him Lord will make heaven” Believing in God shouldn’t be forced on anyone, its a choice.

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      I agree. Just In Case Christians are a sad lot. They don’t know what to believe but they think that they should believe in case it really is real. What kind of life is that? Personally I would rather have someone honestly tell me that they have no faith in any deity but that they just try to be a good person because that is the right thing to do. I would have much more respect for that then the “just in case” brand of faith.

  • hypersensationalism

    Amen, sister 😛

    Seriously, i’m with you on this. Well written. x

  • sreznor

    I had been forced to attend a church that I didn’t agree with most my early life and wasn’t until recently, within the last year, that I took the time to think about what I believe. I told myself that I would find what I believed was true in myself and see if there was a religion that was even close. I will share with you now some of my beliefs:

    Life was about learning through experiences.

    Our soul is eternal.

    As are soul learns from out experiences we progress through reincarnation from the simples forms such as trees to more complicated forms.

    If there was a hell, it was having to go through the same lessons in life that we have previously went through.

    We are not limited to this world and that we are guided by something to where our next lesson is to be.

    Everything has a purpose and we need to respect that purpose.

    I have searched through many different religions and nothing had ever shared what I knew and was content to just believe what I knew and not worry about looking from a religion that shared these ideas until I read this post. I had never even considered to look into what was deemed Paganism, by most other religions. My prejudices due to what had been forced on me, didn’t allow it.

    After reading this blog, I was interested in looking outside the “Norm” to see if others might share my belief and realized that druidism did.

    Thank you Lucky!

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      You are most welcome. If you should have any questions in your search for enlightenment please do not hesitate to email me. It took me a lot of searching to find my Celtic path. Once I found it, it was almost like something hit me upside the head and said “Well, Duh!” I feel peace and home in my path. I hope you will come to feel that too in whatever path you end up on.

  • Random Ntrygg

    the only response to “shouldn’t you beleive, just in case”

    is pretty much – beleive in what one?

    there’s been tens of thousands of gods and goddeses, all equally invalid and all with the same zero evidence.

    and if a god can be faked out by just in case faith, then it’s not much of a god

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      While I will respectfully disagree with you on the zero evidence factor, I will say that I agree that any God that can be faked out by just in case faith, they are not much of a God.

      I have personally had many encounters with paranormal things and I have a very deep close relationship with my deity. I see Her often in the signs She gives me and sometimes in meditation I see Her. Now I know that there are ways to explain these away but I am a believer. What strikes me is when people say I should believe in THEIR God just in case. I have a very strong faith in MY beliefs and I would rather lay down my life than to foresake my faith for the comfort of someone else. That makes the Christians very uncomfortable. I have an unshakeable faith in something that they do not understand or believe so they fear it and fear for my soul. Personally I think that anyone who would foresake their beliefs to make others feel better is of no faith and is not one to be trusted for their are fickle and untrue.

      • Random Ntrygg

        in th elate 80’s, I saw a guy who had on the back of his denim jacket:

        those who are not prepared to die for their beliefs
        do not deserve to live

        as extreme and teenager appealing as that was

        I lean towards, those who do not live their beliefs, don’t live at all.

        more moderate, middle agey.

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