All hail the wonder and beauty that is Fin Rock

Now my husband and  I do disagree as to who the very best band out of Finland is…I have three favorites and he likes a completely different band.  My favorites, you might ask?  HIM and The Rasmus and Apocalyptica.  The three best bands out of Finland (and possibly the world) to ever record anything ever.  His favorite Finnish band? Lordi.  It does not matter really who likes what because in the end it is all wonderful. 

I love the band HIM so very much that I went and got a tattoo of a heartagram on the back of my neck and drove (with my ex sister in law) 16 hours to go see  them in Myrtle Beach in 2007.  Now that is dedication!  I am a heartagram child.  I am a lover of their music.  Hell, I even have been working on teaching myself Finnish so that I can understand the gorgeous words that Ville Valo has said in interviews in Finnish.

I may quite possibly be their number one fan.  It is a very possible thing.

Razorblade kisses and heartagram hugs darlings,

Lucky Star


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6 responses to “All hail the wonder and beauty that is Fin Rock

  • blissworx

    Not only is Lordi vastly superior in prose, stylized expression, and rugged good looks, their fans are an entirely different species. The fans of Lordi are not the unwashed masses that huddle around a bonfire set inside of a trash can as they pass around a single moist cigarette that they found in the gutter. Fans of Lordi show true appreciation for art and for humanity as a whole. To further elaborate the godlike qualities of the righteous followers of Mr. Lordi himself we have an event taken place during the celebration of the birth of this blog’s author. She received an European exclusive version of HIM’s latest album. An item that was not released on American soil (For obvious reasons). This album was of course regifted by this “true fan”. Now, if this “true fan” followed a band that nourished a culture of courtesy and love the way Lordi does, then this humble anonymous and utterly unknown commenter would be in possesion of “The Breakfast Box”. Silently I waited and suffered through many months hoping that this would be gifted, alas, that is not to be. Perhaps, and I will stretch the truth to provide the blogger with an excuse, she did not purchase an album by my favorite Finnish band simply because she feared that obtaining it for me before a certain date coming up in November would cause track no.6 to be played during a ceremony.

  • Anita S

    I love HIM! Around here (Texas), when I mention the band people look at me as if I’m crazy. Heartagram? What’s that? I have one of their great t-shirts with a skull & heartagrams and you should see the looks I get! I found out about HIM from my son; I’m not sure how he did.
    I like symphonic power metal but most of them are not from Finland, except for Nightwish.

    • wtfhappenedtomyreallife

      I am not a real big fan of Nightwish because I don’t care for her voice much but I do love symphonic power metal. You should check out The Rasmus. They are amazing too! The song Sail Away (and the video!!!) is my favorite. Have you heard “Bittersweet”? It is Lauri Ylonnen from The Rasmus, Ville Valo from HIM and Apocalyptica. YouTube it! The video and the song are GORGEOUS!!

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