Oh how these mom and pop shops like to tease….

I do not know what it is.  It seems like every locally owned business that I visit has done this at one time or another.  Whether it be a nail salon, a used cd shop, a pawn shop, a pizza place, a yarn store… They all seem to be guilty of misleading me at one time or another. 

The horrible offense that I am speaking of is leaving the “Open” sign on well after they have closed for the night.  Some businesses DO stay open later than the hours which are posted on their signs…so I admit I have fallen prey to this.  I wonder sometimes if they have a hidden camera and are watching to see just how many do fall for this cruel joke.  I wonder if they are going to jump out and say “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera” or something equally asinine. 

The businesses that do this are varied and are owned by many a nationality.  There is absolutely NO common thread between them other than that they are not chain stores or franchises.  Just last night on the way home from the pharmacy we encountered a pawn shop and a buy here/pay here car lot with their open signs gleaming in the darkness, beckoning the  unsuspecting to pull in, stop and come inside…don’t worry…we will be waiting to serve your every need (Psych!!)

Those poor shoppers pull into these businesses with their lights on and stop their cars, take off their seat belts, haul their weary bones out of their car after a long hard day of work and walk hopefully up to the door.  Upon reaching the door their hopes are dashed upon the rocks of despair.  The business is in fact closed.

Curse you, small business owner that refuses to turn off your “Open” sign.  Curse you and your cruel mischievous ways.


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6 responses to “Oh how these mom and pop shops like to tease….

  • blissworx

    So wrong!

    See, it’s not about being misleading. It’s about being a job creator in this economy. The small business-owner who’s mindful of the needs of the 12%. Oh, if you’re not familiar, the 12% being the criminal element. They are not often the brightest people out there and get confused rather easily. It’s not that they’re stupid but when you have to break into peoples houses or cars in the middle of the night, sometimes you just need to get a few drinks in you first.

    So now you have all the loot and it’s 2AM and you just know there are police patrolling donut shops, gas stations, and trolling for new “lookers” to get acquainted with. Just what can you do? Well you drive up to the backdoor of these open businesses and conduct your transactions, drop off their latest inventory for the 99% to try and buy on the cheap the next day. There’s a reason that dollar stores adjacent to trailer parks inexplicably have Dodge Vipers and brand new BMW’s parked outside of them… these guys need know who their customers are and those open signs…they really do mean open for business. Just not at the front door, and those camera’s that are recording you… they are just making sure that only those who are welcome are going to be let inside.

  • Random Ntrygg

    there must be a compromise

    maybe they can turn off the front open sign or lights

    and just leave a red light on back for that trade

  • pinkoddy

    This happened to us only last night too 😦
    Waste of electricity too!

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