Monthly Archives: January 2012

Living Social Deal – Live Mocha

So I am pretty impressed with the deal on LivingSocial for a full year @ for only $39!  It is normally $100 a year for the gold key access.  I am on my way to learning Spanish finally.  I am also learning a few others!

Happy Hysterversary?

I got an email today from telling me Happy Hysterversary.  To be honest, I had not even thought about it that today was the 1 year mark of when I had my surgery.  It has been a really long year and there have been ups and downs and everything finally seems to be leveling out.

When I do take the time to think about it, it makes me think about what I lost that day.  Really I gained my life back.  Why do I keep thinking that I lost.  I would rather just not think about it….