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XBox Vs. PS Vs. Nintendo Systems

We are a total gaming family and we have all of the systems.  We have 2 PS2’s, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Wii, PSP, and a couple DS’s laying around.  I have to say that I really prefer the PS3 for most of our fighting games.  It is familiar and like taking an old friend out for a game.  The Xbox is where we have all of our music games and the Kinect which we have grown to love dearly.  The Wii collects dust.  The handhelds are great for when we are not at home.  I like using my DS when I am on my lunch break at work or waiting in a doctor’s office.  My son likes the PSP for the movies and games while on car rides and on the way home after school.  There are many different reasons and uses for each.  Happy Gaming!