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Netflix Vs. Hulu

Now there is something to be said about both.  I have been a good and loyal Netflix user for years now.  With all the game systems we end up with “Watch It Now” in every room of the house.  We recently stopped getting the videos sent to us because we never really take the time to watch them.  We are usually too busy watching things on the streaming service to be bothered.  We recently joined Hulu Plus. Now, I will say that I was highly disappointed when Hulu removed their service from PS3 a few years ago.  This is because I did not have a computer at the time and my son had become accustomed to watching his Naruto episodes via the PS3.  I still don’t like that you have to pay to use it on the PS3 and the XBox 360, but at least it is a great alternative to waiting for the episodes to become available on Netflix.

I have recently noticed that there is some overlap of content between the two services.  Overall for episodes of TV shows I would have to say that I much prefer Hulu when the show is available.  For movies I prefer Netflix.  The jury is still out as to which one will win the overall top spot on my favorite’s list.  For now, they both rank right up there.  Having both services and paying for both still beats the hell out of paying for cable or satellite.

XBox Vs. PS Vs. Nintendo Systems

We are a total gaming family and we have all of the systems.  We have 2 PS2’s, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Wii, PSP, and a couple DS’s laying around.  I have to say that I really prefer the PS3 for most of our fighting games.  It is familiar and like taking an old friend out for a game.  The Xbox is where we have all of our music games and the Kinect which we have grown to love dearly.  The Wii collects dust.  The handhelds are great for when we are not at home.  I like using my DS when I am on my lunch break at work or waiting in a doctor’s office.  My son likes the PSP for the movies and games while on car rides and on the way home after school.  There are many different reasons and uses for each.  Happy Gaming!