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I should have posted this sooner….Bath & Body Works Revisited…

Ok so I know you all read about Bath & Body Works and why I love them so very much.  Well I have fallen in  love with them all over again.

Visualize this:  you have taken a medication that made you break out in hives around about the same time that you started using a new shower gel and fragrance line from your favorite chain smell good store.  The  medication (which I will post about later!  Stupid NP put me on ANOTHER thing that I am allergic to!  I swear she is trying to kill me) ended up being one that you are allergic to which you never should have been on but you trusted the NP who prescribed it.  So you break out in  hives all over your face and chest and are just dumbfounded as to how.  A visit to the pharmacy has you stop everything you are taking and switch to plain white dove just to slowly reintroduce everything and find out what the heck is going on.

Well I did this and found out that the diuretic I was put on was ALSO a sulphur drug (close chemical cousin to sulfa drugs).  So after the break out clears up you go back to most everything you were doing.  Except you have so many different scents from your favorite chain smelly good store that you don’t  use that new line you had purchased for a while.

Then the big day comes.  You decide to break out the creamy body wash and lather up in your new favorite fragrance, which is aptly named “Secret Wonderland” and is a beautiful color and a heady sweet smell that when you close your eyes it just makes you feel good all over.  After shower you use your body butter on the feet, triple moisture body cream on legs and arms and perfume on chest.   Body spray on the outside of the clothes and because it is a nice light fruity fresh scent it does not overpower but lingers just a touch when you walk out of the room,

About an hour later at work….there is one small bump.  Eh…maybe just a break out.  Not hives, just a pimple…no big deal.  The next morning you lather up with the same luscious goodness and end up with a smattering, not just a few, a whole smattering of hives.

This is where I fall in love with Bath & Body Works again.  I emailed them and they called me.  They called me concerned for my well  being and health.  They immediately agreed to replace the whole line, because I had the WHOLE line.  They sent a mailer to have it picked up and overnighted to them.   They wanted to put the batch through testing and look for anomalies and see if this was something that just I was allergic to or if it was a bad batch.  While I was in the process of sending things back they called their medical line and had them give me a call to take an incident report and make sure that I was ok.  Yup you read that right.  They called their medical line, told them what was happening and then had them call to check on me!!  Once received, they sent me my replacements which arrived in a very nice box and in a Bath & Body Works bag  inside of the box!  I don’t know about you but I have a stock pile of things stored i Bath & Body Works bags.  I love them.  So handy.


Oh Bath & Bodyworks….How I do love you so….

For a very long time I have been a faithful and loyal (if sometimes absent) customer of Bath & Bodyworks.  Ever since I was in high school I have loved wandering into their fragrant space and reveling in the joy of the new fragrances.  I would go in and buy some things (usually during the semi annual sale) and take them home and love love love them for about half a bottle…then ennui would set in and sadly I would lose my interest in the scent.  Now it is true, there have been some that have had lasting power.  Freesia was one of my favorites.  Twilight Woods, Secret Wonderland, Dark Kiss and Warm Vanilla Sugar are also high ranking with me.  Country Apple was my all time favorite but alas, they discontinued it.

Over the years I have amassed a large collection of scents that I thought would be wonderful, but ended up just being kind of -eh- for me.  I have a cabinet filled with them that my wonderful husband has been graciously trying to use up to avoid waste.  Well….that is all over now.  I gathered up that cabinet worth of unwanted body washes and sprays, lotions and bubble baths and I packed them into a Bath & Bodyworks bag and took them back.  You read it right, I took them back.

On a recent trip into the store to exchange some items my well meaning and loving husband had gotten for me for our anniversary, I found out about their return policy.  A very liberal policy that I had never even thought to look up.  I was informed that, no matter how much you have used it or how old it is….if you do not love it 100%, you can take it back!  So I put this to the test.  I took in bottles that I have  been collecting for at least five years.  I told them that I understand if there were some that they could not exchange.  I ended up VERY surprised and VERY happy.

I traded in all those unwanted bottles for a bottle of perfume for me, a bottle of cologne with matching body wash, deodorant spray and lotion for my hubby, a body butter for me, a free wall flower and scent pod AND 2 three wick candles.  I had over $100 worth of returns and in such I got over $100 worth of product!  Now, it is recommended that you be honest.  If you have two squirts of spray left, please do  not take advantage of the return policy to restock.  But even if you only have two squirts of spray left, they will exchange it.

I have a new favorite store….even if it was an old favorite store.  I have a new reason to love Bath & Bodyworks.