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RoCk BaNd FuNnEsS

Ok so my husband bought me this video game a few years ago.  It was a game that I was CERTAIN I was not coordinated enough to play.  Two and a half years later we own nearly ALL of the Rock Band and music games.  Of course we don’t have Metallica because quite frankly I loathe the band Metallica for very personal reasons that have nothing to do with the band themselves but rather an old boyfriend who was major psycho.

I sit here now at the computer typing this to you, my readers, while my husband is hammering away on our players edition Telecaster in baby powder blue to Break On Through by The Doors.  The reason for this post is to encourage you, reader, to do something you are sure you will fail at.  Let yourself be amazed by what you CAN do.  Know that you are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.